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Nightguards Denver Dental Care dentist in Denver, NC Dr. Stephen Yu Do you wake up with a headache, jaw pain, or sore teeth? It’s possible that you are grinding your teeth at night and wearing down your enamel. Over time, this can cause some severe damage to your teeth and gums. That’s where a custom-fit nightguard comes in from Denver Dental Care – it provides a barrier between your top and bottom teeth to protect them from the grinding motion while you sleep.

What is Bruxism?

Bruxism, also known as teeth grinding, is a condition in which you grind or clench your teeth. Many people are unaware that they are grinding their teeth because it often happens during sleep. If you suspect you are grinding your teeth in your sleep most nights, contact our office.

There are two types of bruxism:

  1. Awake Bruxism: This is when you clench your teeth during the day. It often happens when you’re under a lot of stress.
  2. Sleep Bruxism: This is when you grind or clench your teeth at night.

Bruxism is a mild condition that doesn’t require treatment for some people. But for others, it can be a severe problem. It can damage your teeth and gums and lead to TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder).

Drs. Stephen Yu and Richard R. Pence can discuss other ways to help reduce or eliminate night grinding and provide a custom night guard. Some options may include avoiding chewing gum, alcohol, and caffeine, as these increase the risks of grinding.

What is a Nightguard?

A night guard is a removable dental appliance similar to an athletic mouthguard. It provides a barrier between your top and bottom teeth to protect them while you sleep.

Dr. Yu can apply his expertise to your custom-fit nightguard. We will carefully design a quality dental appliance to ensure your comfort and safety. 

Who Should Wear a Nightguard?

If you have bruxism or are at risk of developing it, you should wear a nightguard. People who are at risk for bruxism include:

* Those under a lot of stress

* Those with an uneven bite

* Those who have missing or crooked teeth

* Those who chew gum frequently

* Those who clench their jaws often

How Much Do Nightguards Cost?

The cost of a nightguard depends on the type of nightguard you need and whether or not your dental insurance covers it.

There are two types of nightguards:

  1. Stock Nightguard: This is a pre-made nightguard that you can purchase at a drugstore. It is not custom-fit and may be uncomfortable to wear.
  2. Custom Nightguard: This nightguard is explicitly made for your mouth. It is more comfortable to wear and provides more protection for your teeth.

If you have dental insurance, it may cover the cost of a custom nightguard. We will work with your insurance company to maximize your coverage.

Why Should I Wear a Nightguard?

There are many reasons why you should wear a nightguard. Wearing a nightguard can:

* Prevent damage to your teeth

* Prevent gum irritation

* Prevent enamel wear

* Reduce jaw pain

* Help you sleep better

Guard Your Teeth at Night From Bruxism

Our nightguards are quick and easy to get fitted, so you can start protecting your teeth right away. Plus, they’re affordable, so you can keep your smile healthy without breaking the bank. And unlike other bulky nightguards on the market, ours are designed to be comfortable, so you can wear them all night long without any issues.

Schedule an appointment today for a consultation. We can help find the best solution for you and get you fitted with a custom-fit nightguard in no time.